I am Shreyansh. During my undergraduate, starting from identifying the problem statement to giving life to impactful solutions by doing extensive research and contributing towards the advancement of technology, I started my career as a researcher. Subsequently, I gained experience in large-scale software development at Qualcomm by contributing to the complete life cycles of industry-first products such as the world's first 5G chipset (SDM855), world’s first 5G windows laptop. I have developed a keen interest in building intelligent solutions to solve real-world problems using my skill-set. I have authored and published two IEEE publications, founded Research Club, and spearhead the Microsoft Student Technical Club at DA-IICT. I love to dance and play volleyball. A supporter of sharing knowledge, I have observed that teaching others reveals the chinks in my armor. In this spirit, I have mentored students and working professionals learning python and programming. If you would like to contact me or discuss any idea, reach out to me using the contact form or through my Linkedin profile.

Things I Can Do

  • Write all the code
  • Build solutions
  • Read books and requirements
  • Drink much coffee and brainstorm
  • Deliver at lightning Speed
  • Lead clubs and committees

A Few Accomplishments

Optimized Storage Codes for Distributed Storage Systems

Worked on the construction of universally good Fractional Repetition codes to store a massive amount of data reliably and efficiently on the distributed storage systems etc. This research paper is accepted in is accepted in COMSNETS and indexed in IEEE Xplore.

Dental Disease Classification

Small dataset consisting of 251 x-ray images for three most common dental diseases is used for training and testing of 3 different deep learning models. The overall accuracy of 88.46\% is achieved. This paper is published in ISCBI-2017 . The work is available in IEEEand indexed by Ei compendex and Scopus.

Software development and innovation

Desgined and Developed solutions for a platform that supports 20K users running more than a million tasks every month. Promoted twice to become a senior engineer from an associate engineer in a short span of three years. Received prestigious awards like Qualstar and Impact Award for innovating and implementing impactful solutions at Qualcomm. I gained 16 KG by eating desserts, not sure if that counts as an achievement!

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